Imagine a tiny city floating on water.. Attached to itself by endless bridges. Houses in every color. Touring around the streets in a gondola, under bridges, looking up at clothes lines. & smelling sewer.

Venice is absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking. It looks better than all the pictures you see. But the experience is different than any you expect. The gondola rides, the romantic slow boat ride around the city is a boat floating through the cities sewer system. Looking into the water you see floating garbage, and dark dense liquid. The water, ah, the water. It’s everywhere. Even on the streets! Venice is famous for flooding numerous times, anything on the first floor of a hotel, or restaurant is probably sewer water cleansed a few times a week. It rains constantly and you’d better hope you brought 40 pairs of socks, or just flip flops.

But oh the culture. The shopping. Little streets with no cars, just footprints. Shops in small corners of the walls. Foreigners trying to coax you into the nearest back alley to look at their knock off purses. Beautiful scarves in every color. hand painted face masks. Amazing.



Beware: some of the beggars. They crouch down on busy streets or bridges with cups in front of them or. One hand out with their faces down. Some PRETEND to be missing a limb, others pretend they cannot walk at all. But once these scammers make their daily quota from tourists they stand up, pull both arms out of their sleeves and walk back home to their families.

side note: We also took a boat to a factory that blows glass! They can make glass into whatever animal, color, or shape they want and then they sell them. It was very cool to see.

Photo by: Inspiration Webs


Flying away

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to fly away. Sure, we went on family vacations every couple of years.. but they were to Ontario, Canada where we would shift from one aunt’s house to another, watching TV with cousins we barely knew. I wanted adventure. I wanted to wake up and not have any idea what I was about to see, or experience. When I was in grade 10 I told my parents I was joining the travel group and that I was going to Italy in March, that I was going to work my butt off to pay for the expensive 10 day trip. After the hard work I put in, my parents contributed half the money for my trip and this is where my addiction begins… the carousel never stops turning, you can’t get off.