Do we travel to take profile pictures ?

Why do we travel ?

Why do we save the money, book off time from work, sit in an airport for over 24 hours, lose sleep, possibly get sick, experience jet-lag, sleep on shitty beds, walk around with backpacks in plus 35 weather ? ….

You see it time, and time again. The Instagram accounts with the beautiful people who seem to just sit on beaches or in beautiful weather every day all day, like that is their job. The women who put up pictures of them laying on their backs in the sand, looking absolutely perfect with a huge smile on their faces.

People hiking up mountains to see absolutely beautiful scenery that they chose to look at through their camera lens instead of with their eyes. They turn their backs to the magnificent and ask someone to take their picture, a jumping picture… so they can set it as their new profile picture. “Look at me.. jumping at the top of the world. Had such a great time”….. sweating my ass off walking up this hill to take this picture, being so exhausted I just walk back down the mountain instead of enjoying the view from the top.

You see less often, but still existent, the Instagram accounts that lose it and announce all their secrets, how fake their lives really are. The women who comment on their previous pictures how they did not even enjoy their day at the beach because they were so enthralled with getting the perfect picture for their social media. They sucked in their belly, they didn’t eat breakfast that day, they didn’t drink any water for fear of being bloated. And by the time they finally got their wonderful picture they went straight home to “relax”… posting their picture with an inspirational quote, or a quote about living in the moment and a smiley face.

Don’t do it.

Yes, take the picture… but after you have fully enjoyed your moments. You probably won’t remember full days, but you do remember moments. Not moments where you watched fireworks through your phone screen so you could videotape it, not moments where you stood still with an awkward smile on your face waiting for a stranger to figure out your camera, and not moments where you pretended to walk away while someone took a picture of you looking “unsuspecting”. No. Moments where you look at the view, you sit down and enjoy the silence, the company of those around you. The moments that you feel, actually feel the wind against your skin. The moments where you are glad you put in all that effort hiking up to the top… because the unfiltered view from the top is well worth it.

-Philippines 2014

Looking cute on holidays


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