The city that never gets to Rest In Peace. The people who instead of being buried, are on display. When is it too much ?

Don’t get me wrong, Pompeii was a once in a lifetime experience ! It was amazing to see the city, how it lays after it was covered in ash and pumice from a Volcano. You are free to roam around the houses, where they used to sell slaves to each other, the stores, and yes… even the whore houses.

The streets are cobblestone and if you look close enough on some streets you will see a cobblestone arrow… in the shape of a penis, showing you the way to the local whore-houses. In these houses there are still pictures carved into the walls like wall paper with all kind of sex positions. The souvenir shop sold dick everything… key chains, ashtrays (HOW RUDE), sculptures…

There is a place that is caged off, that you cannot walk around or touch but you can look at. It has a dog, frozen in time attached to a leash so it could not run away. You see people, laying in their beds, forever frozen. You see what everyone was doing the day they died in 79 A.D.

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