The Hypocritical Vatican

Ahh yes the Vatican City. A city within the City of Rome, Italy. The headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church and where the Pope lives.

I grew up Roman Catholic. I was baptized as a baby, I went to a Catholic school until I was in grade 11, I did the first communion, and my confirmation, went to Church most Sundays as a kid. I still am religious. I have a different view on Religion though in that I do not want to talk about it. To me one’s religious views are private, like going to the bathroom, only you need to know. I won’t try to convince someone who is atheist in my beliefs and I won’t try to convert someone from another religion to mine. I believe that my religion is best… for me, and you can believe whatever you want. As long as you are a kind, good person then we will get along !

I went to visit the Vatican when I traveled to Italy in 2009.

We went really early in the morning in order to all be let in. We were so early we had to wait for them to “open” before we could go inside. The outside of the Vatican was a huge, cement wall… you know, like the one that Trump wants to build to keep certain people out. While we were waiting we sat on the curb, enjoying the weather and the views, when a bunch of women dress in bright colored fabrics came up to us. They had sunken faces, and dirt all over their bodies and clothes. They had a bunch of colorful scarfs that they wanted to sell to us. They looked very poor, and some were even disabled with one leg, or even only one arm. They looked very hungry and very sad. The adults that were around waiting to go into the Vatican were shooing these women away, like they were dogs trying to get into a garbage can.

When the doors finally opened we paid more in admission than the women had wanted for a scarf. We went through security, being pat down and going through metal detectors. When we finally got to the other side of the huge cement wall the City was beautiful! They had marble and gold everywhere, not a single detail was missing. The Churches were massive, the burial spots for past Popes in the basement was very well put together, even the Pope who decided to be embalmed and forever put on display upstairs in the one church was well done. The huge ceilings, the gold on everything, the art work, the fountain that was perfect to eat lunch around and the gift shops that were selling very basic Religious merchandise “blessed by the Pope” for an astronomical price were beautiful.

All day I couldn’t help but notice that although this place was beautiful, straight out of a storybook, do these people really believe that Jesus would be inside starring at his reflection in the gold? or would he be on the outside of the Cement wall? Helping the women sell their scarves, feeding them? The hypocrisy I found within this Walled off City turned me off completely. Although very beautiful, I will not return

Italy, 2009


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