How do you not move ?

I remember this guy… he was in Florence Italy, standing in the middle of the street just like this for hours. Since 2009, I have seen many people perform these acts on the streets, but this one really impressed me. The way his tie was wired up to look like it was flowing in the wind, his front foot had the toe lifted… never being placed down for a rest.

How did his arm not get tired? How did he keep such a static smile for so long? 

Looking at this picture now, I wonder, how does someone not move? As impressive as this was, I don’t mean how does someone not physically move their bodies… I mean how does someone stay in the same place their entire lives, and be happy ?


Growing up my dad was an RCMP, so we moved a few times, but not as much as the average RCMP family… I don’t think. I moved only 3 times (with my family), the last being when I was 11 years old. By the time I graduated high school I had gone to 5 schools.. 5 different groups of friends, 5 times to meet new people and get the lay of the land. I honestly didn’t mind it… When my parents told me we were moving when I was 11, I went straight to my room and started packing (we weren’t moving for like 6 months), but I was so excited to go on a new adventure.

Even when I bought my first house, I never imagined living there for the rest of my life…

I thought “well maybe I will live here a few years and either sell it or just rent it out and move somewhere else”… why not !? The world is too big to live in the same spot for too long.. So imagine my surprise when I met people who had lived there entire lives in the same house. The emotional bond they had to a certain piece of land, or the house they grew up in, was astounding to me… what do you mean you want to move back to the house you grew up in when you are older…?  It was not only the attachment to a house they had, but also how they are still best friends with their BFF from kindergarten… they never had to go to a new school where they knew no one, they were never the “new kid”. This is all too much for my brain! 

& then the big one hit…

I would be completely happy if I never traveled….. I nearly forgot to breath when I heard that… Someone told me once,

Why would I leave? It’s good enough here!

Is good enough how you want to live your life ? When you are old, thinking back on your life, do you want to say, “hmm, it was good enough” ? This made me wonder, what makes other people “tick”.. I started to notice more and more what people obsess over. Most people in developed Countries want the big house with the huge property, all the toys, the big truck, the fancy sports car, the hog, the great job that you soar into right after graduating University. Maybe a few here and there wanted a trip to Mexico, you know, a “Westernized” resort with Western food, booze, and safety… a tourist, not a traveler.

I too find myself enthralled in this bigger and better lifestyle at home.

Keeping up with the “Jones” is what it’s all about, right? More stuff, more money, perfect body, is what makes us happy, right? Wrong….

It doesn’t take a traveler to realize that these materialistic THINGS  will never make you happier, but traveling helps.. Don’t settle for the Good Enough… be a traveler in a place you’ve never been before, check out the local shops, restaurants, hang out with the locals. I love traveling to under developed or developing Countries because you learn so much, and you come home with a total different attitude towards what you have and what you need. You meet people, families, that live in what we would consider a  tiny shack, with some tarps as walls, no electricity after a certain time, and a squatter toilet; people who don’t have 2 dimes (American term) to rub together, but they could care less ! They are not rocking the newest fashion, they are not driving the latest car (they might not even have a bike !), they are not sitting in front of the television eating pop, chips and pizza, they are not sitting around with their faces buried in the newest I Phone… they are out working for little money, they are enjoying the company of their families and friends, they are accepting of you, and you know what… you will probably have the most fun with these types of people…

Money is not the be all and end all, you can always make more. You cannot always get more time. In the words of Kristian Bush,

“I’ve never see a hearse with a trailer hitch”

So how do you not move ? You can place “roots” but you are not a tree… you can leave and come back to those roots as many times as you’d like. Leaving, and exploring new cultures, traditions, people, does not mean that yours will be gone when you return.

Go enjoy your life… you only get one…





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