Are we really travel savvy ?

Beware: Malaria, Dengue fever, Zika virus, bird flu, that Country has a political Cue, there is a riot happening there, beware of the monkeys, and dogs, and cats, because RABIES, Don’t drink the water, Don’t eat uncooked veggies, or blow fish, watch out for the sex trade, beware of violence in City A, B, C, D…


Prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare.

We figure out where we want to go, how much it will be, how will we save the money, how will we bring the money, when we want to go, who do we want to go with, how will we get around, where will we stay, where to visit in each city, where to avoid… what shots to get, what shots not to get, what shots do I actually need, is it safe, how will I stay safe, & on & on & on…….

All this information might be overwhelming for beginning, or inexperienced travelers. These constant warnings and advisories might cause people to sit at home, fearing that the rest of the world is a horrible place; “that would never happen here”.. Meanwhile Johnny is 2 hours away from you shooting up his high school, or Sally was just sold in the underground sex trade in your State, but anyways….

How do I enjoy my trip when I have heard so much negative …

The whole world is not a war zone. You are not one of the lucky few that live in a place that is “safe”. You may live in a developed country where you rarely hear of such things going on, but you constantly hear of all the horrible things elsewhere.. Sure you live in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, and the majority of the population where you want to travel do not have such luxuries, but does that make them undeserving of your trip? Should you just shut your blinds and stay home? No. 

Do your research, look into a place, read the reviews online, talk to other people you know or may not know that have went. You will be surprised when you arrive in a Country that you feared for so long to discover they are people just like you and I, trying to get enjoyment out of life, that like to laugh and smile. Get the travel shots you need, or feel comfortable getting, give yourself time to heal from the shots before jetting away to paradise. Stick to what you feel comfortable with, YOU CAN HAVE A GOOD VACATION WITHOUT BEING A REBEL


Using your brain goes a long way

It’s surprising to hear, I know. But using common sense, or your instincts while traveling will go a long way ! If you have heard that eating blow fish is like playing Russian roulette, then order something else. If you fear the local water, then buy bottle water (bottle water in these countries are not expensive). Go out and explore, enjoy yourself, but don’t go down that back alley alone, don’t bring all your money out with you while shopping on the town, don’t carry your passport on a night of drinking.

Watch the locals

My best advice in a situation where you are not sure if you want to try something or not, watch the locals. Local people usually don’t like to put their lives at risk on the daily, so pay attention to whether they are jumping off the high cliff, participating in the fire jump rope, or eating this food that you found on your plate.


The best way to ruin a vacation is to constantly worry. Get out there and enjoy yourself. Try new things, things that might scare you. If you have a mental list you created before traveling of “DON’T DO”, then stick to it. The last thing you want is to do something in the moment and spend the rest of your holiday worrying about it.

Traveling is meant to kick you out of your comfort zone, it is meant to try new food, drinks, and activities. It is meant to give you a new perspective on life and each place you visit. 

Be savvy, but have fun.

I tattooed the bottom of my feet- Drunk Bamboo tattoo

I got veneers in Thailand

Ping Pong shows – Travel mistake

Swimming with sharks




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