Pets on holidays

Does anyone else really miss their pets when they go traveling?

I have 2 dogs and a rabbit back home that I always miss cuddling with them when I go on vacation. What I have found though is the huge amount of dogs and cats in other Countries… that just wander around, and maybe even follow you home if you are lucky !

I can’t not pet a dog… I see a dog, doesn’t matter what it looks like, and I go over and pet it and try to give it some food. I just love dogs.


I remember one night in Koh Samui, Thailand..

we had just spent the night in the clubs, I think it was called Club Mango. A few of us were hungry so we left and got some McDonalds…. I know, McDonalds on vacation. After we were done eating we started walking back to our room (which we didn’t REALLY know how to get to), when a cute dog started to follow us. This dog walked us all the way back to our room, which was at least a 20 minute walk.

We stayed in these tree houses in Koh Lipe, Thailand..

Some people had kittens under their tree houses, so I was naturally really jealous. The resort we were staying at had a few dogs, or dogs that hung around the place, that I fell in love with… obviously. One night I was going back to my room, where I had to climb an actual ladder to get up to. As soon as I got to the door and was unlocking it I heard this noise coming up my ladder. I freaked out ! Then one of the resort dogs got to the top of the ladder… yes this dog climbed the entire damn ladder and spent the night sleeping right outside my door.

Dog love forever

Can animals smile ?


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