Rooming with friends on Vacation

I love you more from a distance. Just kidding.

After graduation I tried my hardest to convince my friends to come backpacking with me. It was like pulling teeth. I actually went as far as to invite them over with a promise of snacks, and made them watch this power point video I made on Thailand. Few months later 5 of us were on a plane to paradise.

This was the first time I would see what living with your best friends would be like.

The first few days were dreamy, of course I wanted to have an everyday sleepover with my girlfriends in a beautiful Country, count me in twice ! It wasn’t until about a week in where I realized “I can never live with these women in my life” .

Our room was a war zone, it actually looked like we had lived in our room for 17 years instead of only 2 days. There were clothes, and food everywhere… ants on and in my bag, wet bathing suits on our bed, staining the white sheets. who gonna pay for dat!?

& then it happened…

She came out of the room wearing my clothes….. and then I found my mascara in her bag


Who does she think she is!?

Aside from the fact that the 5 of us could never agree on hiking today, or lounging on a beach, who got to shower first, why are they waking up so damn early every morning, they ate breakfast without me, she is mad we went to that shop when she was at the beach, she is wearing my clothes again, her clothes are in a soaking wet pile on the floor with ants on it, I am missing my mascara… again, I had to babysit her drunk @ss, they left me at the Full Moon Party… ! I had the time of my life… & although I came home the wiser on who to not live with, I loved our 6 week adventure together. ❤


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