I slept with a Rat

When backpacking you never know what you are going to get.


When backpacking, especially on a budget or doing the “real deal” traveler thing, you may find yourself staying in very odd places. Some of your hostel rooms may be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen… especially if it has hot water, a real toilet, and a door. Others…. you may need to get used to. I have had my fair share of sleeping in odd places

Like this night ferry where there were roosters in a cage right beside our “bunk”






We arrive to this place via boat while in the Philippines. My travel journal says it was “Sohoton”, and the travel journal does not lie. We were going to stay one night on this little island, or what seemed like an island. The people that ran the place were very nice, they made us delicious food (they loved using egg in every dish), and we overall had a great time there. We could go out swimming in the water, or we could all hang around the benches they had for us.

We stayed in their “rooms”

I put it that way because…. this was our room


Very cute little hut that had no walls. It had only tarps that would roll down on every side. The “mattress” was comparable to a mattress you would find in jail back home… just a small foamy covered in plastic. I didn’t mind the room too much since we were “trying to be like the locals” and we only had to stay here one night. Also they had this amazing dog that made EVERYTHING better in my books.

It wasn’t until we had to go to sleep that we discovered the first issue

It was a little bit windy in the evening, so we had a hard time sleeping since the tarp would blow up into our faces. We solved this problem by going around the “room” and shoving the bottom of every piece of tarp under our 5 star mattresses. This worked! & it even felt like we were keeping out the bugs!


In the morning we woke up, STILL ALIVE! we changed quickly and went to join everyone else for breakfast. It seemed like everyone was trying to keep their cool, not complain, since that’s what backpacking is all about.. kicking you OUT of your comfort zone. It was time to pack our things and get back on the boat to go to the mainland. After packing we went to grab our sarong, which we had used sort of like a pillow at the top of the mattress.

When we lifted the sarong we noticed it started to fall apart

there were literally big and small piece of fabric still on the mattress. It wasn’t until we got out to the beach and aired out our sarong that we noticed a huge hole in it… Looked like we had a room mate last night and it got a little hungry, right beside our faces…

Image result for rat meme

Who knows if it was a rat, some bugs, or Zach just got a little hungry. 

R.I.P Sarong. I hated your colors anyways.





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