the best food

Where is the best food? What is your favorite kind of food?

I grew up a super picky eater

I swear I would not eat my favorite food if it wasn’t the “proper” color… colored ketchup’s? Forget about it. 

I had never had seafood in my life until I was 18 years old… no fish, no crab, nothing ! I ate fish for the first time in my life in Thailand.

I remember we went out a boat to a lake house for a few days. We had to eat whatever the lake-house was serving as they didn’t have an “order” menu. To my surprise they only had fish on the first day, and fish that they had caught while they were boating us to the lake house. They had thrown it into some sort of deep fryer and it still had the head and everything on it. It wasn’t until my friends started eating it with some sweet chili sauce and telling me how good it was that I decided to try it.

That was it. I was sold. Seafood is still my favorite thing to eat to this day.

I have eaten pizza and pasta in Italy… not what I expected, I would go as far as to say ours was better at home?

I have eaten chicken gryos, and tkaziki sauce in Greece… SO good. SO SO SO good. Highly recommend.

I have eaten fish tacos from a food stand in Nicaragua.

I have eaten Muscles on the beach in Turkey… which by the way are also SO amazing.

I have eaten seafood in every country.. I have eaten curry’s in Thailand- Which is a side note in itself. I am not one for spicy food and I always assumed all Curry was from India and therefore spicy, not true. Thailand curry you can get as spicy as you want it, but it is delicious. May favorites are Green and Penang curry ! Also, Papaya salad in thailand is to die for !

Try new things when you travel. It may become your new favorite.



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