Massaaaaaagggeee !?

Massages are one of the best parts of traveling, especially in SEA.

In thailand they have the “thai massage”, which will run you about 8-10$ CAD. So worth it!. If you can get over the fact that you are most likely going to be in the same room with numerous other tourists also getting a massage you should be fine. I have had many different massages, some where I had to tell the women to not touch me there, others they just stick to your arms, legs, head and back and you are good. One of my friends had a woman massage her chest… she thought “when in Rome…” ha, JK… THAILAND.

The best way to describe a thai massage is a mix between the chiropractor and a massage therapist. They crack you all around, your back, your toes, fingers, neck, and they also massage all your muscles. These massages are well worth it, especially after hiking or just a time to relax.

Image result for thailand massage

Aloe Vera massages cost a little more, because they use aloe instead of just massage oil, but they are the best after you got too much sun on the beach.

The massages in the Philippines were the same as in Thailand, but less of the “thai” chiropractic massage and more of the muscle/ tissue massage. They also have some places that are very fancy spa like places you would find back home.

I was going to get a Turkish massage, and go for a Turkish bath when I was in Turkey… but I chickened out.. so let me know if you have had one and how it was !

The women in the main picture came to us at the beach and gave us massages… this was in the Philippines. very cool !



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