Traveling Jet-lag is a blessing?

Jet lag is a drag.

I try to stay out of my head when traveling and looking at the time. I try to keep watch of when my flights are, but not pay much attention to the actual “time” it is where we landed compared to back home.

If our flight lands in our destination country in the morning, I will sleep on the plane, and if we land at night I will stay awake during the flight (if I am tired I will sleep at the beginning flights and then stay awake on the later flights) I have found this to be an easy way to fight jet lag, and honestly I don’t experience it much anymore.

I did, however, experience jet lag when arriving in Thailand in 2012…

It was my first backpacking trip so I wasn’t too sure about my plan of attack on jet lag, and I was also so excited sitting on the plane with all my friends around that I probably did not sleep much at all.

What I thought was going to be this terrible thing turned out to be a blessing in disguise.. 

We woke up around 4-5 AM every morning for the first 2-3 days and what we got to experience was the most beautiful sunrises across the ocean. We got to swim in the ocean while the sun came up, and radiated numerous colors across the sky. Being on vacation also made it easy for us to have naps during the day, or even catch some “ZZZ” while laying on the beach.

Jet lag on the way home is actually a drag though… 🙂


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