Eating banana’s and cucumber on a nude beach

We did that… 

We traveled to a beautiful small town in Crete, Greece in 2013. This was a beautiful little town that had a bumping night life, but was quiet during the day. They had a beautiful beach along the main road, but they were also surrounded by mountains and many other hidden gem beaches.

Our friends had told us about this amazing beach that they wanted to take us to one day. We all went to the local market and loaded up with some snacks for the day as this beach was kind of out of the way. We bought strawberries, cucumbers, bananas, and any other fruit/ veggie that looks appealing to us (super cheap food here also). We started our hike to this beach, that took about 30-45 minutes. We had walked by many beautiful beaches along the way, hoping in the super high heat that was our destination.

It wasn’t until we walked over the final large hill that we saw this beautiful little beach in a hidden cove below. It had many rocks jutting out that you could cliff jump off of, or sit on and enjoy the view. The sand was perfect and the water looked straight out of a movie. As we were making our descent down to the beach we started noticing other people enjoying the beach…

There were so many older people… none wearing any clothes.


Image result for nude beach meme

Cool, I had never been to one before. You try not to stare… but things got really awkward when it came time to eat our cucumber and bananas…Or when you are sunbathing on your chair and you look up to see a man’s sac basking in the sun in the chair behind you.

*make no eye contact*


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