Living in the jungle

It just makes you feel like Tarzan and Jane…

We stayed in these jungle houses in Khao Sok National Park in Thailand. We were surrounded by trees and mountains, exactly like a Jungle atmosphere. This was a very cool experience, living up in tree houses, and walking around on high up bridges to get from room to room. The rooms were sealed fairly well with a sliding glass door.

There was only one spot where any jungle creatures could get in… and that was the open hole in the bathroom floor for the shower water to drain out. There were numerous different animals and bugs in this jungle than we had seen anywhere else ! The worst for me was going into my shower and not noticing until half way through that there was snake skin hanging from the ceiling right above my head !

Image result for freaking out meme

I was convinced after that that we had a snake in our roof and I went into my room to sleep after that.. I kept my bag zipped all the way up !

Image result for there's a snake in my boot


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