Do you let people read your travel journal ?

I am one of those people who keep a travel journal..

I do not have a journal, or diary, or whatever you want to call it, at home. I only buy a new book for every vacation I go on, and I write in it everyday.

I write about where we are, how we got there, how I liked the place we were staying, the flight/ train, how long our main flights were and if we got sick or not. My favorite place, or what we did each day. I write down if my travel buddy is pissing me off, or if I wanted to travel with them again. Basic things that I can read in 10, 20, 50 years from now that will bring me back to each trip and make me feel like I was there again.

BUT I DON’T LET ANYONE READ THEM. There is nothing incriminating in them, and if you are on the trip with me you know exactly what I am writing in there, but there is just something about people reading what you physically wrote that bothers me… IRONIC since I started a travel blog..

Do you let people read your travel journals?


6 thoughts on “Do you let people read your travel journal ?

  1. I have so many of them! I love buying journals. How can you resist when there are such lovely ones waiting for you around every corner, hey. But I do not let anyone read them, no sir. Not because I am weird in them (which is completely allowed) but because it is just personal.


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