The time she was “that” Canadian

There are many Canadian stereotypes out there… we all love hockey, Tim Hortons is life, we are really nice people, we say “eh” in every sentence, and we have stronger beer and drink a lot.

We took a family vacation to Florida and the Bahamas in the winter quite a few years ago. We did the typical traveling around Florida and took our first starter cruise to the Bahamas from there.

My mom is not a drinker at all, my entire life I think I have seen her milk maybe one cooler an entire night. She is the type to sniff the bottle cap and fall over drunk, so I was surprised when we got on the cruise and she started drinking.

I was underage in the States (Canada they start us earlier on the liver damage), so we would order one virgin Pina Colada and one regular because they had all the booze sitting on the top of the drink and we could just dump some into the virgin drink. Maybe it was because it was our first cruise, maybe we weren’t ready for the ocean waves, or we got caught up in all the fun but we ended up drinking a lot, or at least feeling like we were.

The next morning we woke up in the Bahamas and we went on a jeep cruise around the island. We, along with many other people from all over the world, were following around a main tour guide in our own jeeps, making stops all over the place. We ended up on one of National Geo graphics most beautiful beaches that year and spent the afternoon there. My mom, the non-drinker, was hung over from the night before and it was made worse by the bumpy jeep ride. Picture this, she was laying on one of the worlds most beautiful beaches throwing up. An Australian couple , not realizing I was in ear shot, said “typical Canadian” before going to offer her some advil.

Funny story, eh?

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