What colour are the beaches in Greece

If you are in the market for visiting Greece then you know that Santorini is a must see !

Not only is it literally picture perfect, but it has many beautiful beaches with many different colors of sand !

They have the regular sand colored beach (of course), they have the beach with red sand (pictured above), and they even have a black sand beach !

The black sand beach should have caution signs around it in the day light, that sand gets super lava hot ! Funny… because the red sand beach was the one beside the volcano 🙂

Tranquilo Bar on the black sand beach in Santorini is a MUST! Go there and eat the best chicken wraps and french fries with dip you have ever had in your life… I promise.

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Rice Terraces – Philippines

Take the picture or enjoy

Eating banana’s and cucumber on a nude beach

the best food


Introverts on a party vacation

I am a weird combination of introvert and extrovert.

I love being alone, or with few people I know really well at home. I enjoy my space most of the time and I don’t really go out all that much on the weekends. But I have times where I am mentally prepared to have a great time and I go out, I am the life of the party I talk to everyone and I have a few laughs.

Usually when I go traveling I prepare myself for the extrovert me, trying to get myself into the groove of meeting new people and probably drinking and partying quite a bit more than I would at home. But after a few days of doing this in a row I can become quite cranky and not into it.

This is what happened when I went on a New Years trip to Nicaragua when I was like 20.

I showed up with a bunch of people I knew, ready to have a good time. But the 10 day trip of constant partying and people surrounding you got me down. By the time I left I felt like I hadn’t really explored Nicaragua at all as I was too busy running around with a drink in my hand and sitting at bars, I was ready to go home. I even got myself really sick on night on the trip just from being uncomfortable and anxious. It was this trip that I realized maybe I was done with the organized group tours and ready to just go out on my own and travel.

There were many people on this trip a lot older than I was yet I felt like the grandma of the trip, making sure everyone was OK, and basically being a “mom” the entire time.

I will have to go back to Nicaragua to see all the beauty that I actually missed !

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Do you let people read your travel journal ?

Getting sick on vacation

Rooming with friends on Vacation

Do we travel to take profile pictures ?

Eating banana’s and cucumber on a nude beach

We did that… 

We traveled to a beautiful small town in Crete, Greece in 2013. This was a beautiful little town that had a bumping night life, but was quiet during the day. They had a beautiful beach along the main road, but they were also surrounded by mountains and many other hidden gem beaches.

Our friends had told us about this amazing beach that they wanted to take us to one day. We all went to the local market and loaded up with some snacks for the day as this beach was kind of out of the way. We bought strawberries, cucumbers, bananas, and any other fruit/ veggie that looks appealing to us (super cheap food here also). We started our hike to this beach, that took about 30-45 minutes. We had walked by many beautiful beaches along the way, hoping in the super high heat that was our destination.

It wasn’t until we walked over the final large hill that we saw this beautiful little beach in a hidden cove below. It had many rocks jutting out that you could cliff jump off of, or sit on and enjoy the view. The sand was perfect and the water looked straight out of a movie. As we were making our descent down to the beach we started noticing other people enjoying the beach…

There were so many older people… none wearing any clothes.


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Cool, I had never been to one before. You try not to stare… but things got really awkward when it came time to eat our cucumber and bananas…Or when you are sunbathing on your chair and you look up to see a man’s sac basking in the sun in the chair behind you.

*make no eye contact*

That time we just dug a huge hole

Backpacking is funny… the things we do while traveling abroad may seem absolutely ridiculous to those back home.

We traveled to the Philippines with a group, expecting to relax and get to know everyone, have a great time.. Nothing surprised me more than one of our “activities” being to “dig a hole” in the sand… Uhm, is this for real !? Manual labour on my HOLIDAY!?

We had a blast..

We had 2 shovels, and at first everyone was like… is this for real? We just wanted to dig this hole and get it over with so we could go back to enjoying ourselves. After a while of taking turns digging (mostly the guys took this over), and getting the drinks flowing, we started to realize this was ALOT of fun!

There were the few that liked to sit in the shade.. throwing shade at those digging. The ones that just wanted to hit the beer bong and that was it. Then the ones that really carried the group and dug the entire hole for us to enjoy. By the end of the activity we were all friends, we had inside jokes, we had broken the drunk barrier, and we had spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in this giant hole on the beach laughing together.

Never write off any experience… it could be the time of your life. 

Is it more fun in the Philippines ?

The most beautiful beach

I suggest anyone to go to “naked Island” in the Philippines. I mean you can get naked there if you waaaannnnntt, but the name is because the beach is just  sandbar in the middle of the water with no trees or anything on it.


Probably the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. Just off Siargao.

Go. Check. It. Out.

bring an umbrella

Can you believe this beach

Can you believe this view… this beach !? The sky, the sand, the sandbar, the crystal clear water, the palm trees in the distance, the calmness of the water around you.

How can places this beautiful exist? This beach is in the Philippines… where some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen are. The thing about the Philippines is you must travel to these beaches, in the middle of the ocean, on a sandbar somewhere that only locals know how to get to. Any beach that is where you are staying will not be as heavenly; it will be riddled with garbage and sewer, not taken care of.

-Philippines 2014

Morning coffee with a view