Traveling with a fear of heights & water

Most people in the world have fears: snakes, spiders, the dark, heights, the ocean, sharks, water in general. These fears might make traveling difficult since you will probably encounter a cockroach, or gecko in your room (depending where you travel), and traveling to a place like Australia would be a nightmare for someone scared of reptiles and big bugs.

I have 2 fears… heights and water. I have been in Santorini Greece watching a beautiful sun set from behind a wall because I was too scared to climb the wall or stand too close to the edge. My fear of water is different… I enjoy the ocean a lot. I don’t really have the fear of sharks or creatures in the water (unless I am warned of it), and I enjoy swimming around and going in and out of the water. My fear is from putting my head under water, even for half a second..

I am not sure when this started, I don’t remember ever having a near drowning experience. When I was a kid I could swim with my face under water no problem. I would open my eyes and see how fast I could swim without my eyes burning. One day I guess I just woke up terrified to do it.

I try not to let these 2 fears stop me from having a great time while traveling. I purposely pick places where you can swim in the ocean to travel to because I love them. I have tried scuba diving before but only made it as far as the pool, not out to the ocean. It was all fine until I started thinking “hey I am under water and breathing… too weird” and I would jump up. I will try Scuba diving again this Summer in Vietnam, hopefully I make it out to the ocean this time.

As for my fear of heights, I don’t like standing at the very edge of a massive cliff… and I never will. As for activities, I don’t let my fear hold me back. I have gone paragliding and up in hot air balloons, and I mean all the flights I take… those are heights as well.

I remember one day in the Philippines everyone wanted to go out to this cliff jumping place… I just thought to myself.. great, my 2 favorite things in the world… combined into one! Haha, I am not a cliff jumper either.. but I did jump off the smallest cliff one time. That was enough for me, I had fun watching everyone else jump off the huge cliffs.


What are your fears? Do they impact your traveling?

Living in the jungle


Swimming with sharks

I slept with a Rat



Living in the jungle

It just makes you feel like Tarzan and Jane…

We stayed in these jungle houses in Khao Sok National Park in Thailand. We were surrounded by trees and mountains, exactly like a Jungle atmosphere. This was a very cool experience, living up in tree houses, and walking around on high up bridges to get from room to room. The rooms were sealed fairly well with a sliding glass door.

There was only one spot where any jungle creatures could get in… and that was the open hole in the bathroom floor for the shower water to drain out. There were numerous different animals and bugs in this jungle than we had seen anywhere else ! The worst for me was going into my shower and not noticing until half way through that there was snake skin hanging from the ceiling right above my head !

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I was convinced after that that we had a snake in our roof and I went into my room to sleep after that.. I kept my bag zipped all the way up !

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Don’t let your fears stop you from doing something amazing.

I am scared of heights, terrified. Ok, let’s clarify… I am terrified of falling. So when we traveled to Turkey and ended up in a city called Oludeniz where the sky was full of para-gliders… I was torn. This looked like a beautiful place to para glide, and the people all look like they were having the time of their lives when they were landing on the beach.


After a few days of touring around the town, and hanging out on the beach (which by the way was voted in National Geographic magazine one year as the 2nd most beautiful beach in the world, AND FOR GOOD REASON), I decided I was going to give it a shot. I thought and worried about it all the night before, and had a hard time going to sleep that night.

We woke up pretty early in the morning, because that is when the best para-gliding is, and walked down to the beach. We signed our waivers and paid for our “jump” and they loaded a group of us into a small van. I was so scared I was going to back out that I volunteered to be in the first group to go up that day. The drive up the mountain took about 20 minutes and I refused to talk to really anyone the entire time… I was trying so hard to stay out of my own head and not think too hard about what I was about to do. I had my go pro strapped to my chest and was twiddling my thumbs.


As soon as we reached the top of the mountain we all piled out of the van. We were on a cobblestone platform that looked like it went off into heaven… we were actually in the clouds. They had asked who was ready to go, and again, scared that I was going to back down I volunteered to be the first one to go out. I got all strapped in and before I knew it the guy attached to me told me to start running towards the clouds. I was running and running and running, even when my feet were no longer touching the ground. He finally told me “OK you can sit back now” and I looked down and saw us go over the mountain edge.


I was really nervous so I was asking all sorts of questions, and taking pictures. The view was the most amazing thing I had seen, and I wanted to really enjoy it. The guy asked if I would like to “spin” or fall for a bit, and I said “no thank you!” No way I want to plummet to the ground dude ! Once we were in the air I realized… HEY WHERE ARE THE OTHER PARAGLIDERS. They usually have hundreds in the sky by this time of day. He told me that we were the very first ones out that day as it had been very windy and we were supposed to test the winds and let everyone else know how dangerous it was.

OMG! I didn’t sign up to be the guinea pig!

By the time I landed there were the hundreds of para-gliders in the sky again. The pictures and memories I made can’t be replaced. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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I celebrated with an entire jug of sangria to myself! CHEERS

Just do it. 

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The most beautiful beach

Swimming with sharks

Are we really travel savvy ?

How do you not move ?

What the media does to us

The media is a funny thing when it comes to traveling…

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I remember before I started traveling I would read, or hear things on the news, that made me terrified to travel to certain parts of the world. I started with the “safer” countries, then began exploring others around.

In 2013 my best friend and I went to Greece, because HELLO, I am pretty sure the beautiful Greece is on everyone’s bucket list. When we were exploring around Greece we figured out we could get a 45 min- 1 hour boat ride over to Turkey and explore there like many other backpackers around us had also done.

When we got to Turkey it was the most beautiful place I had ever been…

We started out at Oludeniz Turkey, which can take your breath away. The beach and scenery were to die for, and they even had paragliding. Each and every place we traveled around Turkey was more beautiful than the last until I finally decided that I was in love with Turkey. We were on our way to Istanbul to explore the city, check out the sites, and tour the Grand Bazaaar then fly home when I discovered what the media was all about..

We had heard non stop from friends back home who knew we were on our way to Istanbul to “not go” to change our flights, to stay where we were. We had been traveling around and not paying attention to the news or anything for that matter, but our family and friends back home had heard on the news non stop how there were mass riots in Istanbul, huge flights, political war… Danger..

Being a little scared we asked around the locals

and discovered that the people of Turkey were just protesting something to their government with signs and marches around a square, and that there was no violence from the people.

After touring around the city for a few days and not hearing anything negative about these riots we decided to take the metro downtown to see what it was all about. It was, like the locals had said, a peaceful protest where people with mega phones were chanting something, others had signs up, there were live bands, people were selling food and drinks, and it was not scary at all.

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We spent our afternoon there not seeing any violence, no mad yelling, no police brutality, and no… no cars burning or exploding.

Yet back home my parents were glued to the TV screen watching bits and pieces of video put together to display a political war, and to keep fear in people from joining in…

Here we are, putting our entire lives at risk at this extremely scary riot in Istanbul. 


Are we really travel savvy ?

How do you not move ?

Swimming with sharks