Introverts on a party vacation

I am a weird combination of introvert and extrovert.

I love being alone, or with few people I know really well at home. I enjoy my space most of the time and I don’t really go out all that much on the weekends. But I have times where I am mentally prepared to have a great time and I go out, I am the life of the party I talk to everyone and I have a few laughs.

Usually when I go traveling I prepare myself for the extrovert me, trying to get myself into the groove of meeting new people and probably drinking and partying quite a bit more than I would at home. But after a few days of doing this in a row I can become quite cranky and not into it.

This is what happened when I went on a New Years trip to Nicaragua when I was like 20.

I showed up with a bunch of people I knew, ready to have a good time. But the 10 day trip of constant partying and people surrounding you got me down. By the time I left I felt like I hadn’t really explored Nicaragua at all as I was too busy running around with a drink in my hand and sitting at bars, I was ready to go home. I even got myself really sick on night on the trip just from being uncomfortable and anxious. It was this trip that I realized maybe I was done with the organized group tours and ready to just go out on my own and travel.

There were many people on this trip a lot older than I was yet I felt like the grandma of the trip, making sure everyone was OK, and basically being a “mom” the entire time.

I will have to go back to Nicaragua to see all the beauty that I actually missed !

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Looking cute on holidays

“I LOOK HORRIBLE IN THIS PICTURE, and this picture, and these pictures, and that video….”

Looking cute on holidays, while being comfortable, and not carrying around the Lion, the Witch and the entire Wardrobe on your back is DIFFICULT!

Traveling to tropical countries and trying to wear makeup? or do your hair? Yah, good luck. You might as well close your bathroom door, turn on your shower to high heat and sit in-front of the mirror for 10 minutes to see what you are really going to look like in all your vacation pictures…


Its all about basics… and timing.

Don’t plan to look cute on your travel days, if you are traveling from one end of the country to the other in one day, don’t expect your pit stop at this beautiful view to have you looking profile picture worthy in the front. Carrying a backpack around all day in the high heat is going to make you sweat, so bring some wet naps, or some makeup removers to blot your face.

Find a hair style that looks good and just keep doing it. [ my go to hair style in any humidity with my puffy, curly hair, is to let it loose… let the lion be untamed, but bring some curly enhancer spray so the frizz doesn’t take over your entire life. and BOBBYPINS. Braid your bangs back… because I don’t know anyone that enjoys freaky bangs on their sweaty hot forehead all day. The french braided pigtails is also a cute hairstyle that really can withstand the humidity, the ocean, the wind, and it also keeps you and your neck cool throughout the day ]

Bring a TINY amount of makeup if you must. Maybe a small little container of your foundation (don’t expect it to match if you got some sun), and some mascara… (I like to get lash extensions personally before my trips) but don’t bring your whole face from home. Use the makeup wisely, instead of putting makeup on in the morning to go sit under the sun and have it sweating down your face, wear it in the evening or at night when the sun is down and it’s not so hot. These are the times you probably want to dress up anyways and go out. Timing is everything, don’t kid yourself… no one looks good when they are super overheating on a beach, so just let it go.

Bring some basic clothing…

like that one bathing suit that makes you look amazing, that one dress that is light fabric and pretty. A cute sun hat to wear on the beach, and your colorful sarong. Bring a huge pair of sunglasses for the days that you must get a picture on the beach.. it will hide your blood shot face. Onesies, jumpers, and short overalls are perfect for staying cool while also looking super cute.


Don’t plan a hike while wearing high waist, short shorts.. you will be picking a wedgie all day.. Keep in mind what you wear may cause tan, or sunburn, lines. So don’t wear your one piece bathing suit on your first day out on the beach, or the day you plan to sleep under the sun, because you will probably get some weird looks next time you wear a crop top with a white belly and tanned arms.

Wear practical items.. you don’t need to pack your stilettos for that one night you hit the clubs… everyone else will probably be in flip flops, as well.

& WEAR SUNSCREEN. Don’t pretend you’re going to get this beautiful golden tan if you know you have burnt at home in the summer time… Sunburns can ruin a trip and are not pretty on anyone. I would rather be the slightly pale then a lobster.


As you adjust to the new temperatures your body will show it, you will not look as blood red in the face at the end of your trip as you did at the beginning.

Don’t overthink it. You may look bad in a few photos but the trip is what really matters. If you had a good time then your photos will remind you of that. Don’t waste your trip trying to look like a supermodel on a beach, BE the supermodel on the beach.


Do we travel to take profile pictures ?